mandag den 16. juli 2007

Pve movie done.. or well.. almost :)

Due to guild problems i had to finish the movie without a gruul kill and some other stuff. Hope you guys like it =) if there's actually people reading this blog, dont be afraid to comment ^^ /love


lørdag den 7. juli 2007

2 New movies coming soon!

I am working on an all new PvP movie with my undead mage "Ustabil" and it's going to be great! it will feature lots of cool effects, storyline, machinima and pure pwn! More updates coming soon
I am also im working on my first PvE movie ever.. it's going to be a Gruul's Lair movie and im not really going to use too much time on it.. Im just gonna play with the effects and learn some more stuff in Sony Vegas!

They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard - WoW Version!
My attempt on a funny machinima, it's a remake of:

Mainfraime 2

My second World of Warcraft movie, took 2 months to make and i have improved my editing skills alot :)

- edit - still learning how to use this site/blog, i will be updating it alot !
- 2nd edit - Ive stopped playing on Mainfraime, so no more warlock movies from me!

Mainfraime 1

My first World of Warcraft movie, hope you like it ! :)

First blog ever!

Hello everyone!

This blog will contain most of my work and updates of any upcoming projects, and perhaps other stuff too!? Who knows! :)